the critics

as Catharine Holly in the red light districtSuddenly, Last Summer (directed by Ted Witzel)

“Nicky Guadagni made a magisterial Violet, attempting to bribe and intimidate everyone to get her way, while Maarika Pinkney as [Catharine], the woman whose memories she wants erased, was her ultimately formidable and steely opponent, delivering a powerful final monologue.”  – Jon Kaplan and Glenn Sumi @ NOW Magazine, May 2012


as The Actress in the red light district‘s …la ronde… (directed by Ted Witzel)

“…and Maarika Pinkney are the best of the very strong cast. All three are like anchors that allow this ambitious production to work. …Pinkney in particular owns the whole room when on as her prima donna character. More than any other she moves way beyond the stage and around the entire space succeeding in a challenge that allows her performance to close the show on a very high note.” Jeff Maus @ MONDO MAGAZINE, May 2011

“Often titillating for laughs, the sex is expressed figuratively – like the neurotic playwright (Eve Wylden) and the feng-shui-loving actor (Maarika Pinkney) who bang rocks together, wailing like dying loons. The performers are agile and unembarrassed as they grope and gyrate, continually asking partners, “Are you not fond of me?”Naomi Skwarna @ NOW Magazine, May 2011



as Pheres/Servant/Child in UC Drama’s Alkestis (directed by Lauren Gillis)

“Special mention should also be made of the many parts played by Maarika Pinkney who is equally convincing as a young housemaid, an old hunchbacked woman, and a squealing grieving child through carefully perfected vocal work and physical embodiment. Her scenes are an absolute joy to watch.”Alex @ blogUT, December 2010

…physically realized, beautifully timed, and a sense of play that was pitch perfect. you knew when to be direct, when to play with the text and how, and made beautifully sharp attitude switches. all the figures you played were absolutely differentiated. in short, masterful. i was most impressed.” – Ted Witzel, artistic director @ the red light district



as Myrrhine in Hart House’s Lysistrata (directed by Tabby Johnson)

“One of the best (and funniest) scenes in the whole production featured an exasperated Cinesias trying to convince his rebelling wife Myrrhine (played by above-this-crap actress Maarika Pinkney) to go to bed with him.  Despite her ditzy one-dimensional character (no fault of Pinkney’s) she stood out as a strong actress and dancer-the latter showcased in a solo dance she performed towards the end of the show.”Jordan Bimm @ the Varsity, January 2007